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My Story: How SBA Began

In May of 2017, my eldest son, James, said “Ma. I’m not going to buy you a Mother’s Day gift this year.” The truth is that up to that point, I experienced several emotional hardships and fell into a deep depression. I lost myself. The desire to create, to be productive was gone. I simply existed.

You see, several loved ones passed away, one after the next, within a span of three years; including my best friend. She and I met as teens. We worked together and shared a more significant portion of our adult lives learning to parent our respective children while becoming better and healthier people, ourselves.

We helped each other through some tough times. We didn’t judge each other, and we were always truthful with complete transparency. In other words, we were the support system that we needed growing up. We had the vision to do the same for other parents who had similar upbringings as we did. And so, we decided to start an organization that would help us fulfill that vision.

We accomplished that goal in 2013. Unfortunately, that victory was short-lived. My best friend passed. My BFF and business partner was gone. For me, there was no reason to go on with our beloved project. I gave up.

He saw my depression and knew that something had to change; it was time. He also knew that diverting my energy into a new venture would help me move forward on a path to wellness.

That’s where the idea to make handcrafted soap came to mind. I viewed several Youtube channels of DIY’ers and fell in love. Soapmaking was a solo gig, no partner needed. The maker had control of all ingredients, and the designs were endless.

In other words, my baby boy was telling me that a present wasn’t a gift. A real gift is providing someone the resources, tools, and opportunity to heal through self-care. My mental and emotional health needed nurturing.

Making soap would allow me to do that by expressing my creativity. It would provide me an outlet for processing unwelcomed thoughts and feelings. More importantly, I could do it alone. Handcrafting products, start-to-finish, from selecting the ingredients, creating unique recipes, deciding what colors and fragrances to use, cutting, labeling, and shipping - all part of my self-care routine. My son gave me what I needed, and I am ever grateful for it.

And so, every soap is an expression of my dedication and commitment to self-care. Soap by ATHENA isn’t your average business; it is my way of caring for myself while creating a functional work of art for you to enjoy. When you make a purchase, it is more than financial compensation for a product made; it is a reminder to continue my self-care routine. It is an investment in my well-being and overall wellness, and I thank you for your support!